The Spiritual Impacts of Vaccines and Mineral Drugs
on the Future Evolution of Humanity

By Brane Žilavec, Easter 2021
Improved version: 29 October 2021

♠ If you are not familiar with the anthroposophical worldview see the description of
Basic Prerequisites for the Comprehension of Esoteric Aspects of Diseases

Due to the present push to vaccinate the whole world population against the so-called ‘Covid-19’, it is not a big surprise that the issue of vaccination has become the prevalent bone of contention among the members of all walks of life. And the adoption of an official pro-vaccination position by the representatives of anthroposophical medicine has spurred increasing polarisation also among the members of the anthroposophical movement. Some are opponents and others are supporters of vaccination; but there are also those who are so confused that they came to the conclusion: “So much emerging data, and yet ongoing uncertainty about this still young new virus is a real test to our individual and shared ability and to humanity as a whole. If the decision in regard of vaccination is that difficult then it’s probably a sign that there is no clear right or wrong, but what’s needed is a conscious commitment to a decision made. No doubt there will be many diverse views to follow – and that is also good and in the nature of the problem.”

This kind of moral relativism is simply unacceptable for someone who is the key member of Anthroposophical Society. But the matter does not stop just with opinions. They are translated into deeds of some anthroposophical doctors wholeheartedly supporting vaccination campaign on the grounds of hope that there is “light at the end of the tunnel for touching, for meeting physically, for restarting social and cultural life; for teaching to take place face-to-face and in groups; for those with mental health problems to come out of isolation and experience the healing effects of social warmth and freedom from fear – all of this is giving much needed hope. Are we doing the right thing by vaccinating at such a scale and pace? God only knows and time will tell. We will, however, learn quickly the balance between harms and benefits.” [1]

For an anthroposophist to openly admit that she or he doesn’t know if what she or he is doing is right or wrong is rather surprising, for one of the key missions of anthroposophy is to enable us to attain insight into intentions and activities of gods – that is various spiritual hierarchies which are guiding the evolution of humanity in the right direction – and the spiritual beings who are opposing it. And in the case of vaccination we have enough Steiner’s explanations that can – if they are thoroughly studied – help to distinguish when an intervention with a vaccine is beneficial or harmful.

On the Primeval Spiritual Causes and
the Subsequent Karmic Origins of Illnesses

From the esoteric perspective we can trace the origin of all diseases to the impacts of the two groups of spiritual beings – the Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings – whose existence enables us to develop freedom and independence in relation to those spiritual beings who are guiding cosmic evolution in the manner which would never have brought us to the conditions of suffering, illness and death.

Therefore we can distinguish in the various forms of disease essentially two types, the luciferic and the ahrimanic. If we follow Lucifer by means of wrong moral judgements or by yielding indiscriminately to temptations of the outer world, this develops into causes of disease which work more from the astral body. If we follow Ahriman by means of errors against sound thinking or by believing that the whole reality is accessible to physical senses, this develops into forces of disease which affect man through his etheric body. These two groups of beings are continually fighting in the human individuality which has become their field of battle. However, it needs to be clear that in their rightfully allotted place, Lucifer and Ahriman work beneficially; in their wrongful places they are injurious.

But to really understand the metamorphosis of spiritual influences of these beings to the inner dispositions to illnesses we need to distinguish between the original spiritual causes and the subsequent karmic consequences of the luciferic temptations and the ahrimanic deceptions to which we have succumbed in our previous lives.

See the article:
On the Primeval Spiritual Causes and the Subsequent Karmic Origins of Illnesses

Steiner has given a short summary of karmic laws that helps to grasp the transition from moral to organic weaknesses: “What lives as joy, pain, happiness, sorrow in the astral body appears again in the etheric body; the lasting impulses and passions that are rooted in the etheric body appear in the physical body as constitutional tendencies; deeds that require the agency of the physical body appear as outer destiny in the next incarnation. What the astral body does becomes the destiny of the etheric body; what the etheric body does becomes the destiny of the physical body; and what the physical body does comes back from outside in the next incarnation as a physical reality.” [2]

The Spiritual Impact of Vaccines:
Driving out the Human Soul and Spirit

The Luciferic and Ahrimanic spiritual beings are working also in the present time on the level of human body, soul and spirit. Hence on the level of the physical body “human beings are constantly in danger of falling into the one extreme or the other, either becoming subject to too much softening or going into excessive hardening”. Thereby “sickness in human beings simply means that something which they always need is getting too powerful. The powers that want to make the human being into a kind of corpse all the time are ahrimanic. If only the ahrimanic powers were there, we would all the time turn into stone.” While “the powers that soften us and make us younger are the luciferic powers.” [3] This polarity is expressed in the physical body in the emergence of sclerotic and inflammatory diseases. [4]

Anthroposophic doctors should know better than anybody else that the one-sided suppression of inflammatory diseases, especially in childhood, will inevitably lead to the increase of sclerotic types of diseases. There is enough statistical data showing an increase of sclerotic diseases among American children coinciding with the triple increase of vaccine shots in US, from 24 to 72 doses in the period from 1983 to 2019. But in the present time this increase of sclerotic diseases is not only visible in children, but also in adults. The reason for this will be clear if we look at the spiritual impacts of vaccines and drugs on the relationships between the physical body and supersensible bodies of man – the etheric body, astral body and ego, the spiritual core of the human being.

In the works of Rudolf Steiner we can find few descriptions of the risk of vaccination from an esoteric perspective. For example, in the same discussion when he seemingly ‘endorsed’ pro-vaccination position, he said that the vaccination against smallpox is a specific case. “If one vaccinates someone but also educates that person in an anthroposophical way, no damage will be done. Such vaccination is only damaging to someone who grows up thinking chiefly materialistic thoughts. In this case, vaccination becomes a kind of ahrimanic force, so that the individual cannot rise above a certain degree of materialistic feelings. The cause for concern regarding the smallpox vac­cination is that the individual becomes as it were inwardly clothed with a phantom. That person has a phantom which prevents him from extricating his soul elements from his physical organism as is the case in normal consciousness. Such a person become constitutionally materialistic and can no longer rise to spiritual things. This is the risk with regard to vaccination.” [5]

Here we have the argument that vaccines are not damaging if they are accompanied with suitable spiritual education. Therefore we need to ask: Is the Medical Section at the Goetheanum and the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA) exercising or planning to exercise any wide educational activity with the aim to compensate for the damaging spiritual impacts of Covid vaccination? Have they done anything in this direction in the period of 2011-20, the Decade of Vaccines, when WHO have run the international project of promoting vaccination, called ‘The Global Vaccine Action Plan’? [6]

For it is evident that this is not just a problem coming up now, with anti-Covid vaccines, but it has been steadily increasing in the last decades with children getting ever more vaccines without suitable spiritual education. For it should be clear that in the case of “vaccination it is the soul element that is important. And of course the belief that vaccination will help plays a large role here. If one could put something else in the place of this belief – if one can educate human beings in ways which befit their nature so that they can be affected by something other than the matter of vaccination and can instead come closer once more to the spiritual element – then it would be quite possible to work against the unconscious thought: ‘Here comes a smallpox epidemic!’ If it were possible instead to be completely aware: ‘Here comes something spiritual, something spiritual which is undesirable against which I must remain firm’ – then this would be just as effective in making people strong in opposition to such influences.” [7]

In the above description Steiner is in fact revealing that, in the case of vaccination, the placebo effect can play a large role. And he is also explaining that we can counteract the danger of epidemic by spiritual means which can be as effective as a suitable vaccine.

There is further light shed on this issue in Steiner’s lectures about manifestations of karma. “Let us suppose that a human being, by yielding to certain influences, tends towards uncharitableness. This uncharitableness will in a later life appear as karmic result, and will develop inner forces in his organism” which will create in him conditions for the emergence of the smallpox. And if we vaccinate such a person we then just “preserve the physical body from the effects of uncharitableness – for the organic expression of uncharitableness is killed in the most complete sense, in the external bodily sense, by vaccination against smallpox – while we have not removed the inner tendency towards uncharitableness” [8] or mercilessness, the primal cause that has created the susceptibility to ‘infection’ in the present life.

This is not true only in the case of smallpox, for “a passion for acquisition, an urge that makes a person accumulate possessions and becomes a rooted disposition in him, produces, in the next life, a tendency to infectious diseases in the physical body. Absolute confirmation is possible of cases where a pronounced tendency to infectious diseases leads back to an earlier, very strong sense of acquisition, the bearer of this quality being the etheric body. On the other hand disinterested striving, free from any desire for self-profit and wishing only to work for the well-being of all mankind – this tendency in the etheric body gives rise, in the next life, to a strong power of resistance to infectious diseases.” [9]

Now we can “understand why, among the best minds of our period, there exists a kind of aversion to vaccination. This aversion corresponds to something within, and is the external expression of an inner reality. So if on the one hand we destroy the physical expression of a previous fault, we should, on the other hand, undertake the duty of transforming the materialistic character of such a person by means of a corresponding spiritual education. This would constitute the indispensable counterpart without which we are performing only half of our task. With vaccination we are merely accomplishing something to which the person in question will himself have to produce a counterpart in a later incarnation. If we destroy the susceptibility to smallpox, we are concentrating only on the external side of karmic activity. If on the one side we go in for hygiene, it is necessary that on the other we should feel it our duty to contribute to the person whose organism has been so transformed, something also for the good of his soul.

Vaccination will not be harmful if, subsequent to vaccination, the person receives a spiritual education. [10] If we concentrate upon one side only and lay no emphasis upon the other, we weigh down the balance unevenly. This is really what is felt in those circles which maintain that where hygienic measures go too far, only weak natures will be propagated. This of course is not justifiable, but we see how essential it is that we should not undertake one task without the other. Here we approach an important law of human evolution which acts so that the external and the internal must always be counter-balanced, and that it is not permissible to act with regard to the one only, leaving the other out of consideration.” [11]

From all these explanations we can came to the following conclusions in regard to the present global campaign to vaccinate against ‘coronavirus’:

Vaccination campaigns as an important part of
the preparations for the incarnation of Ahriman

Rudolf Steiner gave enough descriptions of a very important event in the future evolution of humanity – the incarnation of Ahriman in the human physical body – so that we can prepare ourselves for it in a proper manner. There are good arguments for an assumption that this will happen in 2030 in USA. [14] For that purpose there were from the fifteenth century onwards already evolving preparations in the form of denial of the existence of the spiritual world and development of materialistic science and technology. For one of the main impacts of ahrimanic beings on man is the loss of an inborn capacity of atavistic clairvoyance that has been compensated for by the capacity of clear perception of the physical world.

Therefore those who are aware of the imminent incarnation of Ahriman should not miss any opportunity to point out “the greatest anomaly of our time: that it is medicine itself that has the frightful disease of materialism. Medicine is seriously ill with materialism. It has become blind and is falling asleep, and this is creating harmful soul influences in science. It really needs to be healed. One can indeed say, the sickest entity of our time is the whole medical profession.” For “to be a healer requires first and foremost a spiritual outlook on the world.” [15]

The spiritual outlook is not only lacking in mainstream medicine, but is ridiculed and attacked by journalists whenever representatives of the materialistic approach feel threatened by it. This is done in spite of – or due to – the fact that “anthroposophy can give a great stimulus to medicine and medical studies. But you must realize quite clearly that medicine is a very special kind of study, with definite preliminary requirements – a study in which the results of spiritual science simply cannot be ignored. There can be no true medicine without the knowledge that results from spiritual science. The chaotic conditions prevailing today are due to the fact that the current trend of study and knowledge is utterly unsuited to medicine.” [16]

The chaotic conditions prevailing today in medicine will only increase if people will follow the numerous modern ‘prophets’ of transhumanism, such as Boris Johnson, who proclaimed: “I am profoundly optimistic about the ability of new technology to serve as liberator to remake the world wondrously and benignly. Indeed in this respect technology is already doing just that. Nanotechnology revolutionising medicine by designing robots of a fraction of the size of red blood cell, capable of swimming through our bodies dispensing medicines and attacking malignant cells as some star wars armada. And neural interface technology is new technology in Britain helping the deaf to hear and blind to see.” [17]

However, those who can ‘hear’ with spiritual ears and ‘see’ with spiritual eyes can recognise in such examples of synthesis of technology and human biology by means of artificial intelligence (AI) the signs of the increasing preparations for the imminent incarnation of Ahriman since the middle of nineteenth century. For he is the inspirer of the development of one-sided materialistic intelligence that will – if it is not metamorphosed by means of spiritual science – deprive people of the proper spiritual development and prevent them to become really free and independent. Ahriman is also promising that “the AI-powered system can devise new vaccines in under a minute and validate their quality in less than an hour. This AI framework, applied to the specifics of the virus, can provide vaccine candidates within seconds and move them to clinical trials quickly to achieve preventive medical therapies without compromising safety.” [18] And he is the real inventor of new mRNA vaccine which “is like the software program to the body, which then goes and makes the [viral] proteins that can generate an immune response.” [19]

What is the goal of all these ahrimanic inspirations? The aim is to abolish the independent soul and spirit. “The time will come – and it may not be far off – when people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul. ‘Sound’ people will speak of nothing but the body. It will be considered a sign of illness for anyone to arrive at the idea of any such thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick and – you can be quite sure of it – a medicine will be found for this. At Constantinople the spirit was made non-existent. [20] The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug. Taking a ‘sound point of view’, people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and a spirit.” [21]

A child in the USA whose parents follow the official guidelines is not vaccinated just “as soon as it is born” but even while still in the mother’s womb – in the time of pregnancy – against influenza and with the tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis vaccine!

Those who are aware of the spiritual realities of existence and have not lost the feeling for truth can therefore recognise that “the age of materialism is striving, through the work of certain circles, to paralyse, to eliminate all spiritual development in mankind, to bring human beings to a point where simply by temperament and character they reject everything that is spiritual and regard it as folly. This trend that is already perceptible in some individuals today will intensify. People will actually long for the time when the spiritual is universally deemed to be insanity.

Attempts will be made to achieve this end by inoculations; certain inoculations will be used to influence the human body in such a way that it provides no place for the spiritual proclivities of the soul. Human beings will be immunised against any predisposition for spiritual ideas – such, at least, will be the endeavour. They will try by inoculation to bring it about that even in childhood, human beings lose the urge towards the spiritual life. These things will certainly find their way into the life of mankind when the time comes.” [22] If we look at the list of vaccinations for children from birth to adolescence that is recommended by the Center for Disease Control in USA we can see that this time has arrived. By its third year of life each child should receive in total 31 vaccines! [23]

If we want to be properly prepared for what is coming we should not harbour any illusion that we can avoid the conflict. For “the two philosophies of life will be in complete opposition. One movement will need to reflect how concepts and ideas may be developed to meet the reality of soul and spirit. The others, the heirs of modern materialism, will look for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy’ – that is, to make its constitution such that this body no longer talks of such rubbish as soul and spirit, but takes a ‘sound’ view of the forces which live in engines and in chemistry and let planets and suns arise from nebulae in the cosmos. Materialistic physicians will be asked to drive the souls out of humanity.” [24]

‘Celebrity endorsement’ vaccination against influenza in 1963 in London

In many modern societies where there exists excessive use of medical drugs and vaccines, they are nearing to that goal with decisive steps. This is evident from Steiner’s description of the supersensible effect of the medical drugs (based on his capacity of clairvoyant perception). After a person has taken a medicine “the mineral substance has become very thinly diffused and has itself acquired the human form. You have before you a human form, a human phantom consisting of the substance taken in by the man. Supposing the person has taken antimony, you have before you a human form of very finely diffused antimony, and it is the same with every mineral medicament a man takes. You create a new man within you consisting of this mineral substance; you incorporate it.” [25]

What is the purpose of such intervention? “If you were to leave a man as he is and withhold from him the medicine he really needs, then because of certain bad forces in his astral body the astral body would work on the etheric body and the latter on the physical body and gradually destroy it. You have put a double into the physical body. This works to prevent the physical body obey­ing the influences of the astral body.” [26]

However, this intervention “has a very serious drawback. Since you withdraw the physical body artificially from its connection with the other bodies you have weakened the influence of the astral and etheric body on the physical body and have made the physical body independent. And the oftener you take such medicines the more the influence of the astral and the etheric body disappears, making the physical body a hardened, independent being, subject to its own laws. Imagine what people are doing who take mineral medica­ments of this sort all their lives. A man who has in course of time taken a lot of these mineral medicaments has within him a phantom of all these minerals, a round dozen of them. It is as though the physical body were surrounded by solid walls.” [27]

But this is no end of all consequences of mineral drugs and vaccines. [28] “With the human soul withdrawing more and more from the body, the body is increasingly in danger of being filled with something else. And if human beings are not prepared to take up impulses which can only come from spiritual knowledge, the body will be filled with demonic powers. Humanity is facing a destiny where the body may be filled with ahrimanic demonic powers. There will be people in future who are Tom, Dick and Harry in ordinary life, which is something determined by social circumstances, but their bodies will be empty to such an extent that a powerful ahrimanic spirit can live in them. One will be meeting ahrimanic demons. Human beings will not be what they appear to be. The individual person will be deep down inside, and outwardly one will get a totally different picture.” [29]

This is the real danger coming towards us which might be for many people too unpleasant to bear in mind. All those “who think that playful ideas will help them to look ahead to the future, are very much mistaken. We need serious, profound ideas to look ahead to the future. Anthroposophy is not a game, nor just a theory; it is a task that must be faced for the sake of human evolution.” [30] And for that reason “it is of the greatest importance that men shall learn to see into the realities of the spiritual world. And it is simply the fact, that when, on the one side, there is some special necessity, the opposing forces are also especially strong – and so, today, men put up strong resistance to these things and struggle against them.” [31]

Therefore anthroposophists should not nurture any illusions. “Many disappointments – and at first, nothing but disappointments – await all efforts to direct things that must come to pass, into the right paths. This, of course, should never deter us. We must be so imbued with the impulse needed for the present age, that we do what has to be done without regard to results – whether they fall out one way or the other.” [32] For only by means of courage and perseverance we can hope to fulfil “the mission of anthroposophical spiritual science which is to enable man to learn to know life, and when he is working and creating to show him what is secretly working with him when he moves his hand, when he creates with spirit, soul, and body. Through spiritual knowledge he will become more and more conscious of the beings who are his companions, and will live and create in harmony with them.” [33]

This is true also in regard to Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings. But for this purpose the members of the anthroposophical movement need to attain first a suitable understanding of the good sides and all dangers which are the result of the influences of these beings. Otherwise it might happen that they will inadvertently find themselves on the wrong side of this decisive battle for human soul and spirit. And as some of them are for the time being so confused that they are proclaiming that “acting out of courage instead of fear, without being sure of the material and spiritual consequences, is a Michaelic impulse” [34] we need to remind them that “to be awake in Michael is to know that we are surrounded by mighty powers of temptation which will do their utmost to drag us into the abyss. Hence we need to be alive moment by moment to the arts and wiles of the enemy” [35] – of Lucifer or Ahriman.

And for that very reason it “is especially necessary for mankind to reject compromises. Human beings should not make compromises, at least not within their souls. It is very important to consider this as a demand of our age, for it belongs among the most significant impulses of the Time Spirit Michael, to pour absolute clarity into human souls. If one wishes to follow the Archangel Michael, it is necessary” to attain a clear understanding of things, to overcome sleepiness. But “above all it is an absolute necessity today to gain insight into the consequences of things[36] we are executing.

Members of the anthroposophical movement should have no doubt that we can gain insight into the consequences of our actions by means of spiritual science. However, we can attain such insight only by virtue of uncompromising striving for truthfulness and “the other quality necessary today: courage, even a certain audacity, in perceiving, in thinking; an audacity that does not dull our concepts but makes them highly acute” [37] and accurate. For that reason “let us try to draw strength from feelings and spiritual knowledge which must in many respects seem folly to the outer world. Let us have the courage to realize that what appears to be folly to those who depend upon the senses for knowledge, to us may be wisdom, light, and clearer understanding of the supersensible worlds towards which we will strive with all the power of our souls and of our conviction.” [38]

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