Basic Prerequisites for the Comprehension
of Esoteric Aspects of Diseases


There exists different levels of investigation and understanding of diverse aspects of human health and origin of illnesses. For practical purpose I divide them into three levels:

In the articles about the corona pandemic I have tried to explain things in such a manner that everyone with an open and unprejudiced mind can grasp them. As one can notice my website is divided into explanations of nutritional principles on a basic level and on an advanced level. But so far there is nothing yet published that would contain explanations from an esoteric level. For that reason I was intentionally avoiding entering into the very challenging esoteric explanations about the origin of infectious diseases and epidemics.

Although I have been writing my articles on the basis of my twenty years long study of the esoteric backgrounds of human existence and the riddles of human health and disease, I am well aware that this is not something that all readers would be interested to read about or capable to follow it. However, as there are people interested to enter into esoteric aspects of the epidemics (especially among the members of anthroposophical movement) I have decided to describe what are necessary conditions for such a step.

The first thing is to become well acquainted with the spiritual scientific descriptions of THE NATURE OF THE HUMAN BEING. In the article Three Root Causes behind the Responses to Corona Pandemic there is given a spiritual scientific classification of diseases in relation to the Fourfold Human Being. In one class are the infectious illnesses which “originate in the physical body itself, having to do with the physical body. Therefore a deeper understanding of infectious diseases involves knowing the nature of everything connected with the human physical body. The basis of these illnesses is not physical but very much of a spiritual nature.” [1]

If one wants to properly grasp the relationship between the infectious illnesses and physical body one needs to start with the origin of the physical body on Old Saturn and accompanying it through the consequents stages of cosmic evolution which is described in Occult Science and other works of Rudolf Steiner. One of the characteristics of the physical body is that it is the oldest and the most developed in comparison to the etheric body, astral body and ego.

For a proper understanding of the previous stages of cosmic evolution – the Old Saturn, Old Sun and Old Moon – and their repetitions in the present Earth stage, one needs to become also familiar with the spiritual scientific explanation of the NATURE OF SUBSTANCE.

The next step which is necessary if one wants to grasp the esoteric explanations on origin of epidemics is to be fairly familiar with the HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALING from the perspective of anthroposophical spiritual science.

And the last thing one has to attain is a proper understanding of the working of karma in the successive human incarnations and the participations of various spiritual hierarchies, nature spirits and elemental beings in the evolution of humanity.



What Enables One to Critically Evaluate
the Work And Writings of the Experts?

Many people who in the present time are coming across all kind of views, opinions and judgments in regard to so-called ‘corona pandemic’ – especially the medical experts – would agree with the following objection: “You are not qualified to pronounce an opinion upon what experts nowadays officially give out. Only consider what the medical student has to learn!” This is true also for other professions. But if that were the absolute principle, we would be under the complete authoritarian rulership of the medical experts – without any right to judge their integrity and quality of their work which can have such a tremendous impact on our health when we need their help.

Spiritual science is capable of overcoming this real life contradiction by pointing out that “we must allow the expert to create, but we must be able to criticise the expert. And this faculty of judgment we shall not acquire by specialising, but only by cultivating in an all-round way our powers of understanding and our faculty of judgment. This, however, can never come about through expert knowledge in some particular branch of science, but only through the all-embracing knowledge of the spirit.”

This is especially important for the present age when the main task is to develop ethical individualism. Therefore we need to know that “the construction of concepts and representations necessary for spiritual science, and peculiar to it, does not qualify us to become experts in any particular sphere, but it gives us the power of judging.” This will “enable us to use our judgment when we stand in the presence of authority. We shall not have expert knowledge but when in certain cases the expert acts on the strength of what he knows, we shall be able to form our own judgment about it.”

Therefore spiritual science “makes possible and fosters the freedom and independence of our thinking. Spiritual science may not qualify us to enter the medical profession, but if we can penetrate to the reality of spiritual science it makes us capable of forming a right judgment upon the results of medicine in public life” [2] or any other branch of modern science.

So the first thing which makes us capable of evaluating and judging the work and writings of the experts is the all-embracing knowledge of the anthroposophical spiritual science. If this were enough then all members of anthroposophical society would be capable of judging the experts. There is another important condition which makes us capable of forming a right judgment: We need to penetrate to the reality of spiritual science!

Have I managed to penetrate to the reality of spiritual science? It is ongoing striving but I have been collecting Steiner’s explanation about the origin of illnesses, the nature of human health and suitable methods of healing since my arrival in England due to my special interest into the questions of nutrition. The present fruit of this work is my collection of 190 extracts – of which the majority of it is not taken from Steiner’s courses for doctors or other series of lectures which have medical titles. [3] Even if it has to be admitted that this is far from a finished collection, you can nevertheless see – if you just look at the titles of these extracts – how out of the great complexity the specific archetypal relationships are emerging.

And if one takes into account the revelations of spiritual science about the various phases of cosmic evolution – each with its own specific task – then in the case of evaluation of medical therapies and types of interventions everything comes to the decisive question: Is the method of healing in question supporting/enabling or suppressing/preventing the development of free individuality?!


  1. Rudolf Steiner, Berlin, 10.11.1908; The Being of Man and His Future Evolution,
  2. All quotes in the text: Rudolf Steiner, Zurich, 10.10.1916; How Can the Destitution of Soul in Modern Times Be Overcome?
  3. From 190 extracts only 17% are from lectures to doctors and other books with a medical title (e.g. Physiology and Therapeutics, Health and Illness, etc.). If I add to them booklets with medical topics, then it comes to 27%. All the rest are from lectures about all kinds of topics which might not be the ones that anthroposophic doctors and other medical staff are studying.