Weekly Rhythm of Seven Grains

When we eat grains in accordance with the rhythmical sequence of the days of the week – wheat, rice, barley, millet, rye, oats, and maize – we bring an additional quality to the overall rhythmical life of the week due to the changes brought about by preparation and consumption of all seven grains.

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We can eat grains – if we wish – in the following weekly rhythm: [1]

In this way we balance the weekly intake of the seven main grains.

With this approach we establish weekly intake of the seven grains in a rhythmical manner. In NINE ASPECTS OF A HEALTHY MEAL we can see that the Rhythm of Meals work as mediator between the outer world and the human being. In BALANCING WITH SEVEN GRAINS are explained the basic reasons for introduction of such rhythm in our everyday nutrition. But you can also decide to do so if you know that rhythms in general have balancing effect on our organism and that this rhythm cannot cause any harm – on the contrary, the rhythm itself will bring new quality to our weekly routine.

From more practical perspective the inclusion of the seven grains enable co-existence of all traditional food cultures which have developed around particular grains in different parts of the world. However, in the past there has never been any food culture to use all seven grains – we can do this only in this phase of the human evolution. The rhythm of the seven grains can be very useful in international communities where members come from diverse food cultures. But every community can benefit from greater variety of grains on their plates.

The implementation of this rhythmical intake of the seven grains can be flexible, depending from the circumstances and needs of the members of a community. It can be just one simple (e.g. bread, crackers, biscuits, etc) made from the grain of the day. Or we can use (if it works) the grain of the day in all dishes where is demanded the use of grain, or flour, or other grain products. There are also the possibilities in between.

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  1. The modern problems with grain intolerances and allergies are in short addressed in BALANCING WITH SEVEN GRAINS. But one can already see the basic reason behind any food intolerance or allergy in FOOD AS ‘POISON’ - Level 1 or FOOD AS ‘POISON’ - Level 2. There will be more about this issue available in the future.