“Every possibility of becoming strong in the face of outer influences rests on the possibility of taking on illness – of becoming ill. It is not possible to avoid sickness if one wants to have health. For in the first place man is born out of the cosmos as spirit, he then develops within the rhythmical processes the ‘healer’ who is then able to take in the metabolism the cosmic ‘patient’. All these work together to produce the human being who lives on Earth and is capable of free movement.”

Rudolf Steiner

The Essence of Human Health

Health as a Balance of Polarities of the Human Existence

Homeostasis: Regulating on a Physical Level

Soul Composure: Balancing on a Psychological Level

Spiritual Balance: Development of Virtues on the Basis of Knowledge

Individual Responsibility for Health

The Origin of Illnesses in the Individualisation of Man

Papacy of Medicine versus Responsibility for Own Health

Physical versus Mental Illnesses

Diverse Origins of Physical and Mental Illnesses

‘Hot’ versus ‘Cold’ Illnesses

How a Healthy Metabolic Process Turns Into an Illness

Three Main Types of Therapies

Psychological Therapies for Irregularities of the Ego

Dietary Treatment for Irregularities of the Astral Body

Medicines for Irregularities of the Etheric Body

Supersensible Effect of Mineral Medicaments

Three Aspects of Holistic Healing

Healing on the Level of Body, Soul and Spirit

Knowledge and Wisdom as a Healing Force

From Real Understanding to Active Compassion

The Inner Healer of Man

Man as a Being of Body, Soul and Spirit

The Rhythmic System as the Inner Healer of Man